There are two facts all women can agree on: youthful skin is always in fashion, and the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays are nearly impossible to avoid. Five years before the solar face shield became recently popularized in the media, Sun-Shields™, formerly known as the Solar Hat, brought women reliable protection from the sun. Dermatologists and consumers alike have asked "How can one enjoy the outdoors and not damage sensitive facial skin?" Your answer: Sun-Shields™! After testing at the International UV Testing Laboratories, Director of testing, Dr. B. Lewis Slaten, concluded that Sun-Shields™ solar face visor provides 98% UVA, 99% UVB, and 50+ UPF protection from incoming UV rays. Sun-Shields™ provides protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, comfort during outdoor activities, and peace of mind.

For most consumers, facials, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments are a typical mainstay in any health regimen. Post procedure, the facial skin is extra sensitive to harmful UV rays. Minimizing sun exposure is the standard prescription by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for protecting your delicate skin from further damage. Sun-Shields™ greatly reduces exposure from side angled rays that reach your face under regular hats when the sun is not directly overhead. With Sun-Shields™, you don't need to hide out indoors or cover your face with a bulky scarf or sunglasses and hat to shield yourself from the sun. Sun-Shields™ allows you to still enjoy walking, golfing, rollerskating, tennis, gardening, horseback riding, and your favorite outdoor activities.